The start of my journey….

I have started my journey with cakes around 6 years ago, but the adventure of having a registered cake business is still very new to me. My cakes have always been popular within the circle of my family and friends. I have plenty of experience in baking and decorating cakes but somehow it still feels so very scary to make cakes for paying customers… Unhelpful thoughts of; What if something goes wrong? What if the client is not happy with the final result? What if I accidently drop a tier of a wedding cake whilst assembling it and therefore I ruin someone’s special day? But then I think to myself…. I only worry because I care; because I strive for perfection; because I have this desire to make people happy and make their cake dreams come true…. This somehow calms my nerves and offer a very welcomed reassurance…. so a step at the time I keep going forward…

I can honestly say that I have never imagined that my cakes will be popular or that people will be willing to pay for them. However, here I am looking at my busy cake diary…. I am still trying to get my head round it all; how is it possible that only few months ago I had idea of having a cake bussiness and now I do have one…. and it is one that has regular orders….For years, and still now, I have been admiring professinal cake bakers. And there are so many that I aspire to; I am jealous of their sharp edges, perfect sugar flowers, imagination… Sometimes I have days when I question my abilities as I find that I compare myself to others…. I do recognize this is unhelpful, but yet I still catch myself doing it. Silly I know! BUT….on the other hand this motivates me even further. It gives more enthusiasm to get even better at what I am doing. So I practice, search for ideas on Pinterest ( oh what a goldmine that is), try new things…. I want to make it a success and I am a true believer that at the end of the day the imagination is your only restriction….. 


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