Thousand layer cake…

Today’s post is all about Thousand Layer Cake. It has only been couple of weeks since I came across the above picture on the internet. I was intrigued by all those tiny layers and I wondered how one can achieve such precision…. So I started to investigate, but the task was not as straight forward as I thought. Thousand layer cake can refer to mille crepe or kue lapis legit; completely two different things…..

Mille crepe Instead of expected layers of sponge has multiple layers of crepe. One can say it is literally layers of crepe and cream cake;  Ohhhh I find it so so tempting!!!! I often make crepes for my girls at the weekend…. but never in the quantities that would be needed to make a thousand layer cake! I certainly respect the baker as it must be such hard work to prepare hundreds of cakes layer by layer daily….. My hat off!

Kue lapis legit refers to the type of Indonesian layer cake. It is a cake that requires patience as it requires to follow a very labour-intensive process. The batter is made of butter, flour and sugar with an approximate ratio 1:1:2. No eggs! Each layer is made by pouring a small amount of batter into a baking tin, which is then put into the oven and grilled from above until the layer has turned golden. The process is repeated with remaining layers. Because each layer is grilled the cake is very moist, delicious and highly addictive!

When I made my first kue lapis legit cake the other day it took me an hour to prepare the batter and then another two hours in front of the oven watching each layer grill. You can’t really take your eyes off as the thin layers can burn so easily and quickly. But trust me it is so so worth it! The cake is just as delicious as described online, and knowing how to make it is an extra bonus as you can save £50-£70 if you needed to buy one(price reflects the amount of effort needed and quantity of ingredients).

Recipe that I used:

500g of cold butter cubed

80g condensed milk

30 egg yolks

200g icing sugar

90g of flour

30g milk powder

1tbs of spekkeok powder


  1. Prepare 30 egg yolk and make sure they are at room temperature

  2. Beat the butter and condensed milk together until pale (around 10min)

  3. Pre heat oven to 180C . Grease your tin and make sure it is pre heated in the oven as well.

  4. Beat the egg yolks and sugar until very fluffy and triple in volume.

  5. Slowly out egg mixture into the butter mixture and beat as slow speed until mixture comes together. Don’t over mix it!!!

  6. Funnily sift flour, milk powder and spekkeok powder. Fold gently.

  7. Remove tin from the oven, switch to top heat only! Pour 100g for first layer and 60g for following layers. Brush each cooked layer with butter before adding the next layer.

I got 18layers in total! Yum!


Happy baking! Trust me, its worth it!











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